Philanthropic individuals and businesses donating their time, resources, and finances to benefit Cruise 4 Kids events and their beneficiaries.

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LOUNGE APPEAL - Lounge Furniture Rental Company

Lounge Appeal is a lounge furniture rental company ready to take your event to the next level. We rent high quality lounge furniture for weddings and all types of special events. A comfortable seating environment is a great addition to any event.

Our team of dedicated specialists will help turn your next function into an extraordinary party to remember. Call or email us with your event date and information, ask any question you have, and prepare yourself for a miraculous event! Give your next event some Lounge Appeal!


SOS ENTERTAINMENT - Full Service Event Production Company

We specialize in helping our clients create the best possible atmosphere and experience at their events. Full service sound, staging, rigging, lighting, special effects, decor, power distribution and more.  Most importantly, is our mission to contribute and celebrate life with others. 



CAPITAL CREST FINANCIAL GROUP - Life Insurance Premium Financing

Capital Crest Financial Group "CCFG" has established its reputation on the foundation of putting our client’s goals above all else. CCFG was founded by a group of experienced professionals to bridge the gap between clients and advisors in the advanced planning markets – and most pointed, life insurance premium finance.

CCFG’s proprietary software and planning concepts propel CCFG to the front of the industry. Our goal is to provide a sustainable, long-term model, while simplifying life insurance premium finance into an easily understandable concept, so our clients and advisor partners can make an educated and informed decision. Visit for more information.



WILSEY ASSET MANAGEMENT - Assisting Clients in Every Aspect of Their Financial Lives

At Wilsey Asset Management, our main goal is to provide attractive returns for clients on their investments by using a common sense approach to investing. Brent Wilsey, the President of Wilsey Asset Management, has been in the investment arena for 30 years. Brent uses the old principle of buying low and selling high. This is all based on a fundamental analysis of a company’s financial statements. There is no emotion or hype in investing at Wilsey Asset Management, which is why our motto stands strong "No Emotions, Just Results". All final investment decisions are made by Brent. His money is invested the same as yours with no sales commissions; an advisory fee-only based on account value. Financial independence starts with Wilsey Asset Management.

KRYSTAL PRODUCTIONS - Video & Photography Production

Krystal Productions is committed to you, to capturing the heart and spirit of your story, your message, your events and your special moments for remembrance and reflection.

Life is a kaleidoscope of events and phases. It is a collection of many special moments, occasions, stories, and feelings. The possibilities and opportunities for the powerful use of videos and photographs are unlimited. Krystal Productions has the passion and skills to help you tell your story whether it's a wedding, graduation, special occasion, or commercial for your business.. We collaborate with our clients. You are the unique story. We are the discreet producers.

KARMA INTERNATIONAL - A Private Social Organization

An exclusive organization for entrepreneurs and executives to network socially and professionally.  Karma Members are philanthropists, business owners, leaders, adventurers, experts and connoisseurs living and working in dozens of countries around the world.

Karma is revered as one of the greatest experiential event producers in history.  National Geographic, HGTV, Fox News, Associated Press, Fashion TV and dozens of other media outlets have established Karma as the industry leader.